In Honor of My Mother

The autopsy of a saint was inspired during the time of my mother's death in 2012.   I wanted to know why and how saints died. I saw the scripture in Psalms 116 and emphasis on vs 15:  Precious in the sight of the LORD  is  the death of his saints. This short segment is referenced mainly to document how God is the one who knows what His saint is up to during their time in the earth.  It is also documented so that the title/theme and future use of the term, "the autopsy of a saint' has a authentic trademark of the subject matter and use to follow.   I will share a fuller discourse on it later. My reference to the articles with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, speak about his work as a biblical rights leader more so than a civil rights leader.  This is to say that upon the death of a saint, there are somethings that we don't find out until 'after the death' which is similar to what happens when an autopsy is performed after a natural death.  We have seen things beyond